WOD: The Bear

7 sets of the following sequence for 5 rounds:Power Clean (from the floor)Front SquatPush PressBack SquatPush PressStart light and increase your weight (load) each of the 5 rounds.No setting the bar down during a set, not even to re-grip.You cannot receive the clean...

WOD: Run

10 Rounds For Time: Run 1 lap (140 meters)10 BurpeesRest 30 seconds Burpee Demo , courtesy CFWhy Pose Run? , courtesy CF* Post time to comments.

Benchmark WOD: “Diane”

21-15-9 reps, for time of:Deadlifts, m225# / w135#Handstand push-upsUnderstanding the Deadlift, courtesy CFHSPU Efficiency tips, courtesy CF* Post time to comments.