2013 CrossFit Open begins in 2 days!
Click for more information on the The Games, or to register as an Open participant.

We will be hosting the weekly WOD for those competing in the Open every Saturday at 10:00am for the next five weeks starting March 9th.  The Open WOD will also be the daily WOD on Thursdays each of the five weeks.  Judging and validating will be done on Saturdays only.  Make sure you have registered and have your athlete profile completed, having selected CrossFit Bartlesville as your affiliate.  Each week the WOD will be posted along with an instructional video for movements, range of motion.  Watch these videos before coming in each week.  This year CrossFit has provided a Judges Course to help us better understand the judging process…anyone can take the judges course online ($10). We will validate and enter your scores weekly and you can see where you rank in the World of CrossFit Athletes!


PR’s & Noteworthy Efforts – N/A

Best Results for Saturday‘s WOD
Rachel Shearer & Aubrey Baker


Weekly Challenge
Max Pull-ups or Muscle-ups in 2 mins.
*Must be performed at the gym and verified by a coach not later than Saturday at 10am 

Weekly Challenge results to beat
m – 
w –


A) Warm Up – down & backs, pvc pipe work, Bergerner Warm U

B) Skill N/A

C) Buy In 
2 Rounds: 200m Run or Row, 15 GHDSU, 15 Hip Extensions, 10 Strict Pull ups, 10 Push ups or Ring Dips10 PVC Pass Throughs, 10 PVC OHS or Wall Facing Squats

D) Barbell – Power Clean + Push Jerk (10 mins to work to a heavy set)

E1) Foundations (‘ginners)
5 Rounds: 10 deadlifts (70/55kb), 10 push press (45/30barbell), 10 jumping pull-ups, run 200m

E2) Conditioning
AMRAP 10 mins:  6 dead lifts 225/135, 6 HSPU
3 RFT:  20 pull-ups, run 800m

E3) Competition (gamers)
AMRAP 10 mins:  6 dead lifts 275/165, 6 HSPU (3″ deficit; use black surface)
3 RFT:  Muscle-ups (9/6), Pose Run 800m