CrossFit Games 2013 – Friday in photos

Our regular 9am class time has been canceled to make way for the 2013 CrossFit Barlesville “Super Games”.  We welcome 8 teams of 2 women & 2 men who will compete for the title of fittest in the Box.  If you are not competing, please join us in cheering on these competitors to victory.  

The Schedule:

8:30 a.m. Check-In
9:00 a.m. Warm Up
9:10 a.m. Team Briefing – WOD Announcement
9:20 a.m. Team strategy time
9:30 a.m. Individual WOD #1
9:50 a.m. Individual WOD #2
10:05 a.m. Individual WOD #3
10:20 a.m. Individual WOD #4
10:45 Team WOD
11:30 *Optional Individual Challenge*


Brett Miquelon
Curtis Hackler
Rachel Shearer
Aundi Collind

Daniel Smith
Stuart Grimsley
Dainelle Herl
Morgan Wilson

Ryan Meyer
Charles Danley
Mandi Jackson
Ann-Janette Webster

Paul Richardson
Manoj Nachimuthu
Angela Gann
Melissa Briggs

Nate Daniel
Chris Emert
Aubrey Baker
Mariah Maze

Jacky Manning
Zach Cramer
Fran Clark
Patty Thompson

Justin Copeland
Bryon Waits
Stephanie Richardson
Heather Williams

Jay Webster
Jacob Ogle
Trisha Meaney
Jennifer Brewington

The Workouts:

WOD #1
8 minute AMRAP
4 minutes box jumps 20/24” (full extension step ups acceptable)
4 minutes burpees
*Score is total number of reps
WOD #2
Double tabata – 8 minutes
20 seconds work: 10 seconds break
tabata deadlift 95/135#
tabata hand release push ups
*Score is total number of reps

WOD #3
10 minute amrap
10 front rack lunges 65/95#
10 cleans 65/95#
5 front squats 65/95#
*Score is total number of reps

WOD #4
Squat Snatch ladder
10 minutes to find 1 rep max
*Score is total weight
*Women add 75 to score*

Wod #5 – TBA 
1. Each team member must complete one individual WOD.
2. An opposing team member must judge and turn in results for each individual WODs.
Red – Green
Blue – Grey
White – Black
Yellow – Purple
3. Each team member must complete at least one rep in team WOD.
4. Only one team member can perform work at a time during team challenge. A tag from one team member to the other allocates who is performing work. The next member to perform work must be standing on a plate and tagged in.
5. Full extension step ups are acceptable as a box jump.
There will be prizes awarded to the winning team.
There will be prizes awarded to the winners of each of the individual challenges.
There will be a prize for the craziest, most colorful, most audacious, most absurd, most ridiculous and creative outfit. 

Bring you family and friends to watch and enjoy the competition!