Back Squat – 3@80%, 3@85%, 3@90%

1) Knees to Feet, 5×3 (landing should simulate the bottom position of the snatch; hold for 2 seconds; gaze neutral)
2) Power Clean Tire Flips, 5×3 (simulate the a power clean version of the flip versus muscling)

The Burpee:
-Place hands on the ground shoulder width apart, at a 45 degree angle, close to mid rib cage, elbows in tight
-Jump feet back or step back until the hips are extended arriving in the push-up position and feet shoulder width apart
-Lower thighs then chest to the ground
-Press upper body away from the floor
-Jump or step feet to the hands striking the heel of the foot to the ground first and landing feet shoulder width apart
-Rapidly extend the hips & knees and jump out of the heels to the point that the feet barley separate from the ground
-Arms extend over head during the jump

5 RFT / 20 cap
30 Lunges
20 Hand Release Push-ups
10 Inverted C2B

For time / 20 cap
100 Burpees
EMOM, starting at 0:00, do 5 Ground to Overhead, 75/55 | Rx+ 95/65#

For Time:
30/20 cals Bike