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May Bike Challenge (Time)

The Challenge: Every week in May, perform a 50-calorie bike workout at least 3 days throughout the week. This will likely take 5 minutes or less and can be done before or after class as long as you do not interfere with the current class.

Scoring: Each day you perform the 50-calorie bike workout, you will log the time it took you to complete it.
Challenge Dates: May 1 – May 27th

Completion Scoring: On May 28th, you will look through and see if you successfully completed the challenge at least 3 times every week (May 1 – May 27). If so, you will log a checkmark under the “Successfully Completed Challenge” scoring section, to be considered for the winning prize. You will also note your best time in the second scoring section on that day. Who will be our top male and female bikers???

What Counts: You can perform the 50-calorie bike workout on an Echo or Assault bike. We suggest sticking with the same option throughout the challenge so that you can compare scores. Each 50-calorie bike must be done unbroken. Biking in class workouts does not count. This is extra work to be done outside of class. Have fun with it! We’re betting that you’ll see an improvement in your times by the end of the month.