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July Mobility Challenge (Checkmark)

The Challenge: Accumulate 5 minutes in the Bottom of the Squat Position every day!

Challenge Dates: July 3 – July 28

Scoring: Score a checkmark if you complete the task that day. You cannot make up for past days by doing extra, so get in every day of the challenge.

On July 28th, there will be a separate score where you note if you successfully completed the challenge every day throughout the month.
What is a Bottom of Squat Hold?

Check out this video to understand what we’re looking for: Bottom of Squat Video

Check out this video to learn the benefits of this position and modification options: Ready State Video

The more often you are in this bottom of the squat position, the more comfortable you will become and the easier it will become to get in that position. This challenge is going to help create better mobility habits and squat patterns moving forward.


The squat hold can be done all at once or broken up throughout the day. For example:

2.5-minute Hold before your workout, 2.5-minute Hold after your workout

Incorporate it in a 10-minute Cool Down such as 5 rounds of 1 min squat hold followed by 1 min of slow glute bridges.

1 minute in the morning, 2 minutes at lunchtime, 1 minute before bed

5 minute Hold all at once

NOTE: If this is your first time doing a squat hold for an extended period, it may be wise to shake out your legs after each minute.

What if I can’t hold myself in the bottom of the squat position?

This is even MORE of a reason for you to participate in this challenge. You will see in the Ready State video that you can lean your back against a wall or hold onto an object in front of you if necessary.