CrossFit Bartlesville – Mayhem Affiliate – Monthly Challenge

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Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

3 Sets:

1:00 Glute Bridges

1:00 Feet Anchored Sit Ups

1:00 Heel Taps (L+R=1)

1:00 Plank Jacks

1:00 Rest
Workout Flow

This is a Fight Gone Bad Style….meaning you will perform max repetitions of that movement in that minute listed. You will not rest until the 5th minute of each set.

If you take a break during the movements, try to make it QUICK.

Demo Videos

[Glute Bridge](

[Feet Anchored Sit Ups](

[Heel Taps](

[Plank Jacks](


Glute Bridges —> same as video above

Feet Anchored Sit Ups —> [Quarter Sit Ups](

Heel Taps –> same as video above

Plank Jacks —-> [Elevated Plank Jacks](