CrossFit Bartlesville – Mayhem Affiliate – Monthly Challenge

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Metcon (Time)

100 Flutter Kicks (L+R=1)

75 Heel Taps (L+R=1)

50 Feet Anchored Sit Ups

25 Tuck Ups
You are doing one big chipper. You cannot move on to the next movement until all reps of the previous movement are complete.

Only ONE round of this 🙂

Demo Videos

Flutter Kicks (L+R=1)

Heel Taps L+R=1)

Feet Anchored Sit Ups

Tuck Ups


Flutter Kicks —> Modified Boat Hold with Leg Extension

Heel Taps –> same as demo video

Feet Anchored Sit Ups —> Quarter Sit Ups

Tuck Ups —> Hand Tuck Ups