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Warm-up (No Measure)

1. Movement Prep/Activation

3:00 Assault Bike (alternate between 30 seconds moderate/30 seconds slow)


3 sets

5 Strict Rope Pull Ups or 10 Ring Rows

5 Inchworms + Air Squat (3-second Hold)

10 Alternating V-Ups

2. Workout Prep

3 sets (with a partner)

10 Second Bike (workout pace)

1 Rope Climb Each (Set 1: 1 pull/Set 2: 2 Pulls/Set 3: Full Rope Climb)

– Rest 30 seconds between sets –


Workout (5 Rounds for time)

Teams of 2

5 Sets


30/24 Calorie Assault Bike

20 Burpee Pull-Ups

30/24 Calorie Assault Bike

Rest 1:1 between sets
Target time each set: 3:30-4:00

Consider scaling if sets take longer than 5mins

Option 1: Gymnastics Skill Work

Toes to Bar: Week 1 Day 2 (Checkmark)


Advanced/Intermediate: Kip Swings

Beginner: Kip Swings on Rings

Between each set complete:

Advanced/Intermediate: 10 V- Ups on Floor

Beginner: 10 Alternating Single Leg V-Ups

Alternate Option: sub a plank hold of increasing duration (that’s challenging for your level) for the kip swings. The plank can be on hands or forearms. Sub knee plank as needed.

Option 2: Mayhem Mini Pump

Mayhem Mini-Pump – Arms and Shoulders (Checkmark)

4 Rounds

10 Barbell Strict Press @ Moderate weight – maintain control and quality

12 Ring Y Raise @ moderate weight – maintain quality

10 Standing KB Crush Grip Bicep Curl @ moderate weight – maintain quality

10 Single Arm DB Skull Crusher @ moderate weight – maintain quality

-Rest 3 min b/t rounds-


Mobility (No Measure)

1 min lying 90/90 hip stretch (each side)

1 min overhead elbow grab tricep stretch (each side)

1 min tricep lacrosse ball smash (each side)