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Warm-up (No Measure)

1. Movement Prep/Activation

Crossover Symmetry Warmup or Banded 7s


10 min AMRAP

30-sec row (easy)

30-sec row (mod)

30-sec row (hard)

10 Alternating V-Ups

5 Single Arm DB Press (each side)

5 Negative Bench Press (Empty Bar)(3 sec down)

2. Workout Prep

With Partner

3 sets

5/4 Calorie Ski (each)

3 Bench Press (each/build in weight)


Workout (Time)

Teams of 2

25 CAP


Calorie Ski (Or Row)

Bench Press (95/65) | RX+ (135/95)
*Womens Calories: 40-32-24-16-8

Option 1: Gymnastics Skill Work

Toes to Bar: Week 5 Day 2 (Checkmark)

Toes to Bar: Week 5 Day 2

On a running 7 minute clock:

At the top of each minute:

Complete 5 V-Ups OR 5 Abmat Situps then:

Advanced: 8 Kipping Toes To Bar

Intermediate: 5 Kipping Toes To Bar

Beginner: 3-5 Kipping Knee Raises [Chair Pose]

Option 2: Mayhem Mini Pump

Mayhem Mini-Pump – Leg Day (Checkmark)

4 Rounds

10 Barbell Back Squat @ moderate weight – maintain quality

10 Barbell Deadlift @ Moderate weight – maintain control and quality

8 DB Walking Lunges (each side) @ moderate weight – maintain quality

15 Seated Dumbbell Calf Raise @ moderate weight – maintain quality

-Rest 3 min b/t rounds-


Mobility (No Measure)

1 min foot smash with lacrosse ball (each side)

1 min pec smash on rig with lacrosse ball (each side)

1 min foam roll lats (each side)