CrossFit Bartlesville – Mayhem Affiliate – Monthly Challenge

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Challenge Logging (AMRAP – Reps)

The Challenge:

To successfully complete this challenge, EVERY DAY in September you must do ALL of the following:

Complete two 30+ minute workouts (at least one workout MUST be outside)

Drink 2/3 of your bodyweight in ounces of water (example: If you weigh 200 lbs, you will need to drink a minimum of 133 oz of water each day)

Read 10+ pages in a non-fiction book

Consume zero alcohol for the entire 30 days

Choose any diet and stick with it

No cheat meals

Take a daily progress picture


Log the number “7” if you completed the ENTIRE 7 bullet points (or less if you miss any). On September 30th, there will be a separate score where you note if you successfully completed the challenge and scored a 7 every day throughout the month.

Full details for this challenge can be found on September 1st.

Successfully Completed Challenge (Checkmark)

Did you successfully complete the September Mayhem 30 Hard Challenge? Look through your scores and see if you scored a 7 every day this month. If you did, log a checkmark below.

Hopefully you pushed your limits and developed some healthy habits. Way to go!