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Push through November Challenge (AMRAP – Reps)

For the November Monthly Challenge, perform 50 push-ups a day, every weekday (Monday through Friday), throughout the month. This comes to 1,100 push-ups in November!

Good Rep of a Push Up: chest touches the ground and arms lock out for each rep.

If needed, you can modify to Knee Push Ups or Incline Push Ups. Both are great options and still count towards the challenge!

You do NOT need to do them all at once. They can be accumulated over the course of the day. For example, you can do 20 after you wake up, 15 before your workout, and 15 before dinner.


Log the number of reps you complete each day. If you’re planning to break them up throughout the day, you can log where you’re currently at, and then update your score when you do more. Then, on the last day of the month, there will be a separate “Successfully Completed Challenge” scoring section where you will look back and note if you completed the challenge every weekday throughout the month.


Can I do more than 50/day?

You can, however, your push-ups will only count towards THAT day. So if you did 100 on Monday, you still have to do 50 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Do push-ups in the workout count?

Yes – anytime there are strict push-ups programmed, they will count towards these numbers.

Some movements that do not count towards the push-up challenge: burpees, handstand push-ups, bench/floor press, wall walk.