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December Squat Challenge (Checkmark)

The Challenge:

Accumulate 100 Squats a day, 5 days a week (Monday – Friday) = 2,000 Squats Total for December. 

This challenge will run from December 4th – December 29th.


For scoring, log a checkmark if you completed your 100 squats that day. Then, on December 30th, there will be a separate “Successfully Completed Challenge” scoring section where you will look back and note if you completed the challenge throughout the month.

The scoring is based on the number of squat reps each day. You do not need to do them all at once. They can be broken up throughout the day.

If you do more than 100 squats in one day, you cannot roll those extra squats into the next day (but we still think it’s super awesome!).

What squatting movements count?

 Any exercise movement that includes a squat counts towards your challenge total, except as noted below.

Examples of movements that count include:

Front Squats

Back Squats


Squat Cleans

Air Squats

Wall balls

Goblet Squats

What doesn’t count?

Squats that are part of strength-specific training will not be counted towards this challenge. For example, if you are doing heavy sets of back squats or squat cleans as part of the strength portion of class, those reps don’t count towards this challenge. Why? Because we want you to focus on the actual lift, instead of counting reps. That’s what’s most important at that moment.

Good luck and we hope you crush this challenge! Let’s stay on it and finish the year strong!