About CrossFit Bartlesville

 “We love seeing the changes people make when they join CrossFit Bartlesville…it is our passion and full time job to inspire people to become the most fit and healthy version of themselves possible!”   –  Brian & Aubrey Baker, Owners of CrossFit Bartlesville

Brian and Aubrey Baker opened CrossFit Bartlesville in June 2011. Together, Brian and Aubrey have a passion for exercise and for helping people meet their health and fitness goals. They discovered CrossFit in 2008 and found it to be the best method for general strength and conditioning. They started coaching people in their garage, inviting friends, relatives and anyone interested in fitness to join in for the “workout of the day.”

Brian Baker is a Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer. Starting his athletic career on a soccer field, at age 6, Brian excelled and earned an athletic scholarship at NCAA Division 1, Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. After college, his continued interest in fitness led him to pursue martial arts and body building, finishing in the top 5 worldwide in the 2005 Body for Life competition.

CROSSFIT Bartlesville (CFB) is nothing like a typical gym.  We follow the CrossFit method and philosophy of cultivating elite fitness in individuals and athletes. Workouts are constantly varied, functional and executed at high intensity.

The CFB approach to fitness and nutrition produces undeniable results in children to competitive athletes and everyone in between. Because of its focus on functional fitness, it is easily and effectively modified for all fitness levels.

We combine the most effective training methods of:

• Endurance (running, rowing, jumping rope, etc.)
• Weightlifting (squats, deadlifts, clean and jerks, snatches, etc.)
• Gymnastics (pull-ups, handstands, rings, etc.)

This approach to fitness is unrivaled in terms of diversity of exercises, programming and drills.

Every time you come to the gym you receive coaching, much like private training, but within a group setting. Each workout is designed by a certified CrossFit coach, the mechanics of the movements are explained before the workout begins, and our coach(es) make sure you are doing the workout safely.

The community aspect of CFB is our greatest strength. In our community, you will find camaraderie, support, motivation and accountability. Members of all fitness levels encourage one another and celebrate successes, big and small.  The bond among our members is undeniable and can’t be duplicated in a traditional gym setting or on your own.

With the combination of proper coaching and sense of community, you are more likely to:

• Achieve the results you want
• Establish a regular fitness routine
• Work harder than you will on your own

“CrossFit is for everyone, it’s scalable and adapted to the individual’s skill and ability level.”

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