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CRUSH Youth Fitness and Performance

We imagine a better future for our kids. We know you do too. Together we want what is best for kids and teens. We want them to have the freedom and fearlessness to engage wholeheartedly with the world throughout their entire lives. Classes are held each Tuesday and Thursday, from 3:45 – 4:30 pm and are for ages 9-15.  This class introduces young athletes to the correct foundational movements and begins teaching Olympic lifts such as snatch and clean and jerk, along with basic gymnastic movements such as handstands, pull-ups and rope climbs. Safety is paramount. Coaches work with each young athlete to ensure proper movement, preventing injury and improving efficiency.

For young athletes who play sports, CrossFit is critical to improving conditioning and strength. More importantly, CrossFit improves movement and mobility.

Our goal for kids and young athletes is to help them gain confidence by getting better at CrossFit, which in turn, helps them with all other activities & sports they pursue.


Private Coaching

If you are just not ready for CrossFit in a group setting or you are working toward a specific goal, we offer Private or Small Group Coaching.

Your program will start with a complete assessment of your current physical capabilities such as range of motion, strength and balance. We will also review your injury history and discuss goals you want to achieve. This information lays the groundwork to develop your training program.

Included in your Private Coaching Program:

  • Private training sessions ranging from 1-3 days per week
  • Custom training tailored to your needs and ability
  • Body composition analysis
  • Nutrition accountability (additional $30/month)
  • Custom workouts for travel or off-site
  • Text and email coaching support


Not ready for CrossFit?  TURN is a 90-day health improvement program built on eating whole foods and doing short CrossFit style workouts 3x a week with the help and oversight of a fitness coach. TURN is for anyone who faces chronic health issues, is on a tight budget, needs accountability, has tried all the magic weight loss programs and wants to live long enough and well enough to enjoy their children and grandchildren.

Learn More about our TURN program

Nutrition Accountability

Our Nutrition Accountability is open to both members and non-members and includes two components.

1. Education – Begins with a one-hour course on Nutrition and a Body Composition ($50 for non-members).

This course will encourage you to base your diet on garden vegetables, lean meats, nuts and seeds, little starch and no sugar. It’s simple and effective. We will help you calculate your calorie, carbohydrate, protein and fat needs and how to get the right balance of these macro-nutrients, on a daily basis.

2. Daily Check-in – We help you bridge the gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it…accountability is powerful. Each day, you will receive feedback based on your daily food intake entries.  It may be as simple as “Good job today, keep it up,” or “Try adding a protein shake every day,” or “You didn’t log anything, get back on your horse!” In addition to daily feedback, you will get a monthly Body Composition check to determine if you are dropping body fat and increasing muscle.

“You cannot out train bad nutrition.” – Greg Glassman

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