Success Stories

CrossFit Bartlesville is full of success stories. Not everyone joins our box because they have a lot of weight to lose. Some join because they recognize their health, strength, or mobility is suffering. Some join because they are bored of doing the same workout at a traditional gym. Whatever the reason, the success stories & transformations are amazing! 

I’m in better overall shape than I have ever been. It has helped my mental health tremendously…Thank You!


In the time I’ve been attending CFB I’ve noticed changes in my endurance, mental health, and physical health. CFB is a welcoming atmosphere for anyone to join. They provide a positive, encouraging, and safe workout environment.


I spent 15 years working in athletics, but I never cared to workout or find something I would do long term. CrossFit is the first thing that has stuck. I love the varied movements combined for a quicker yet effective workout, and the fact that anyone can choose their own level to make it doable/sustainable. The family atmosphere is just the icing on top!


I began my CrossFit journey 10 years ago at age 60. I almost immediately began to reverse aging…becoming more healthy, stronger and more fit than I had been in the 30 preceding years. Now at nearly 70 I am beginning to feel the effects of aging but I’m WAY ahead of where I’d be without the benefits of proper nutrition, exercise and socialization I’ve gained at CFB.


I have been a CFB member for 8 years.  I have never sustained any kind of fitness program for that long.  The CFB community inherently promotes accountability with all members and for me that has resulted in 8 years of increased gains of strength and improved general fitness, allowing me to perform any activity I desire.


I am a longtime fitness lover, but always do better with a community. CrossFit Bartlesville is the perfect place to keep me motivated and focused on my goals. The coaches are friendly and knowledgeable. They are safety focused and genuinely want to ensure a safe and effective workout. They have helped me clean up my nutrition and I feel myself improving each week in technique and strength.


CrossFit has taught me that healthy habits & choices can just as easily be part of my daily routine as the bad habits & bad eating choices are. It takes small changes with consistency & determination to go from a non-healthy lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle.


CFB has helped me stay consistent with working out to better my health & be in better shape now at age 40 than I ever was in my 20’s. I do this for my family so I can remain active with them in whatever might come up in life. Thank you CFB!


I’m thankful for the positive, welcoming, and encouraging community that is CrossFit Bartlesville. CFB focuses on developing the whole person, and because of that, I feel like I’ve become a better mom and wife by implementing healthy habits at home, too!


Having joined CrossFit Bartlesville in January 2022 I have, in just six months time, transformed my body physically, exceeded fitness goals I never would have previously thought attainable, and increased my overall quality of life exponentially.  The support from the coaches as well as other members is something I had yet to experience from any previous gym membership.  I look forward to my continued growth in physical and mental health through CrossFit.


CFB has brought on a sense of support, encouragement and camaraderie that I didn’t know was possible or that I even needed. I walk into this box every day to not only to become physically stronger but mentally stronger as well.


The TURN program is the perfect health partnership for me. The encouraging and positive accountability concerning good food choices and strength building exercise is a winning combo for life!