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Warm-up (No Measure)

1. Movement Prep/Activation

Hip Halo Warm Up


2 sets

10 PVC Pass Throughs

5 PVC Overhead Squats


6 min AMRAP

2x50ft Shuttle run

10 Ring Rows

3 Snatch Push Press + 3 Overhead Squats (empty bar)

2. Strength Prep

3 Snatch Grip Push Press + 1 Overhead Squat:

– Work up to a heavy complex in 10-12 minutes

3. Workout Prep

1 set:

1x50ft Shuttle Run

3 Pull Ups

3 V-Ups


This strength cycle focuses on the in-between lifts of Olympic lifting. We want to develop a proper setup during the descent and transition to overhead movements during the next six weeks.

Athletes will work up to heavy sets and hit singles within specific percentage ranges. The overhead lifts and squatting volume will be higher than usual, so please scale to Power or take the weight down for new athletes or anyone who may need a break. Remember, days labeled “Work up to a Heavy” mean we want to see athletes reach a top weight (within their limitations) in 5-6 working sets.

Also, as a bonus, we will alternate between Bench and Deadlifts each week to maintain a steady balance on the power lifts. After the strength cycle, we will test out with “The Other Total” and other fun challenges to end the year.

Snatch Push Press + Overhead Squat

3 Snatch Grip Push Press + 1 Overhead Squat:

– Work up to a heavy complex in 10-12 minutes


BWM: Body Weight Mostly (Time)

20 CAP (including rest)

200 Single-unders

75 Air Squat to Med Ball

50 Sit-Ups

Rest 5min – Then repeat in reverse order


100 DU’s

75 Air Squat to Med Ball

50 V-ups

Mobility (Checkmark)

1 min foot smash w/ lacrosse ball (each side)

1 min Couch Stretch (each side)

1 min Seal Pose

WOD: Workout (2 Rounds for reps)


2 sets:

6:00 AMRAP

3x50ft Shuttle Runs

10 Pull-ups

3x50ft Shuttle Runs

15 V-ups

-Rest 3:00 between sets-


9 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

12 GHD
One shuttle run = 25 feet down + 25 feet back. Each full shuttle run of 50 feet counts as one rep in score.

Target number of reps each set: 100+ reps


Post Workout

KIKR: Hang Hold (Time)

Hang Hold on pull-up bar for time
Max effort hang hold